I've read a few books in the weeks and months:
Persuasion +
Perks of Being a Wallflower -
My Name is Asher Lev +
And maybe some that I can't remember right the now.  I've seen Batman twice and still don't get it.  I've paid rent twice which is big time, and the electricity bill.  And summer school shmummer shmool. 
I worked this summer as a server/buser and some one tipped me one quarter once, and ten dollars another time.  A lady asked for new, fresher potatoes three times once.  She would say "you're going to hate me," and then ask for something else and everyone hated her, but then she gave me a tenner when I didn't steal her credit card that she left on the table.  Another two ladies, or maybe they were the same person, refused to eat anything but the blackest bacon.  "I can't eat this" they say as if I ordered for them.  When I ask one guy if he needs anything he always says "you've done FINE Sarah, you're a fine waitress." and then he can never figure out the wifi.  When people know my name I'm surprised but then I remember my name tag, which usually has a long gross hair tangled in it when I go to look down admiringly.  My manager caught me eating fruit before throwing a plate away once, and in my attempt to run away he yelled "are you pulling a Tyson??" (his name is Tyson).  After that he'd always ask if there was anything good in my bin.  I almost got to try everything on the menu this way, my favorite stolen taste being the carbonara, but that was because I didn't get a food break that night and was starving.  My expot is always having daily dramas where I see her run off and swear and yell and talk about Vegas and pregnancy with the manager, but I never get the full rundown so I just keep making coffees, which don't taste as good as they smell.  All the scrambled eggs are made with half and half so come on down and put on the pounds.  I cleaned up the urinals which I imagine fill the depths of Hell itself.
It has not been a very summery summer what with school and work and the other work.  What have I done