Tonight we saw Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes outside in downtown Salt Lake. I had no idea who they were but it was a team thing. I went two hours before it started with a couple of die-hards (took the tracks!!) and we sat and waited in prime mosh seats until it started.

better then holding hands ^^
The opener came on and played ten of the same song. Don't get me wrong though I liked the song. The crowd was a little tight but bearable, a few tools pushed in front of us and had a good time trying to look up the stoned bassist's fluttering legs. A lesbian and a moron almost got in a fist fight next to us. Some one lit a joint a couple people down and poofs of smoke came up all throughout the crowd. It kind of looked cool in the sun. There was the reddest ginger I ever saw, and I wish I got a picture because his aqua teal shirt was not helping him. Edward finally came on, and were immediately bombarded by a bunch of drunkies claiming that we's knows the band. A lot of 'F yous' later from my soccer friends we were being trampled by a whole crowd of drunks. There was no moving, breathing, living space. It smelled like pot, rotten bananas, and fart. Waves would come through when you thought you would be trampled but you were just squished up even more against the guy in front of you. It was a mosh pit and we left after one song. We circulated around the park and found more team. People were climbing in trees and getting very drunk. The famous song that everyone knows came on and after it we finally left. Shuttles tomorrow morning.

Went on a walk, saw some houses all with their own doors. Here you go Shpenca

And then of course our boring door.

first day as a ute. started it off with a shuttle test and my legs did not work. i still have a week of this stuff? i sat in the training room waiting for my ride and her friend that taaaaalks like thiiiiiiis as everyone reminisced about getting drunk. designated driver! one chick spilled a cooler of summer old liquid that smelled like pee by accident. our trainer is named tom and he has the smallest face and an even smaller voice. he doesn't drink anything. we drove back to the condo (two of the girls housing two freshmen for a week; me and suuuuuperrrrr whorrrre) and i had to sneak a bagel cause i feel bad eating their food, although they can't be poor cause this place is pretty dope. i slept in the loft for a while then tried to get on the internet for an hour (i finally asked. so easy!) we watched 'strange addictions' and i was very disturbed.... two girls went to 'friends with benefits' (i looooost my walleeeeeet!) and i watched shutter island. the other girl called me downstairs and i ripsticked while her and her friend played golf with no shirts on. i can do college. the day ended with a very dramatic episode of bachelorette, and then i blogged.

camping in the provo roundabout. gnarly. we took three trips to get all the gear into our little sleep cove. we forgot bug spray, but remembered to bring hard boiled eggs. i held down the fort (which meant reading harry potter and being as quiet as possible when a couple hooligans came and started poking around) while kaisa and autumn went to wherever you get bug spray. we sprayed the vicinity and had a nasty taste in our mouths the whole night. the mosquitos were taken care of, but the bug spray didn't even phase the snails who were obviously ticked at our intrusion. autumn made me pee my pants and we spent the next hour and a half (says kaisa who held down the fort, which was a for reals fort because the sprinklers kept going off probably to keep assholes like us off the stupid roundabout, so we had two umbrellas covering our heads and a tarp thrown over the whole structure) looking for a walmart to replace my bottoms. when we came back everything was soaked anyways. at least not in urine. we found a shaken kaisa waiting in the cave, which had acquired a crap-like smell. she had used the time to take catwalk pictures of the snails that kept groping about. it was a bit claustrophobic in there and my booklight battery died so i couldn't read harry potter. there was a snail on my pillow. we woke up and cleaned up. there was a sewer thing under the tarp we laid down and autumn said she'd been farting all night. there was a snail in my shoe. we got out and it was a good time, but i don't ever want to do it again