Moving. Out?

The dorms are good for the guy riding all over on a unicycle (there's no way that gets him around faster), the tickets who yell at everyone out the window to serenade them (I saw a girl do it), the smokin Asians, just smokin around, the chicks who only feel good when they're a block away from institute. You can always tell for that type. The dorms are good for socializers. People are supposed to make friends here. I'm no good at making friends, and I'm cool with it.

But... now the roomies want to find a house and they want me to live with them. They must not know I listen to Andre Nickatina and have a book full o nudes on my shelf. A naked thing on every page. Artists.... There are way cool houses up this way, but I'm afraid of what will happen if we go out on our own.

First of all food. All I see around here now is poptarts and cupanoodles. How would we eat?! I don't even know what a oven is! Meals would be wheat thins and nutella and creamies. That's what I ate today. I mean, would we have a grill? Would we have chocolate milk? Would we have a dog? Would we cook for the neighbors? Would we cook for the neighbor's dog?

Then of course there's the neighbors. Here in dormtown the only contact with the other people in the hall have been me giving a kid a poptart and a banana who was locked out of his room. He was out there for a good three hours. But I barely even know who lives in the other room in our apartment. Just now one came in but me and Cass were both plugged into technology and didn't even notice her returning the vacuum until she blew in our ears. In a house we'd have to make cookies for people, and throw good street parties, and everything.

Our tv is a 20"er. How are we ever going to watch speed racer again? What will the neighbors think? Will I be able to poo with the door open? Poo at all? Does anyone else in this place poo? Well I know Cass does.

Days will go like this: 7:00- wake up, eat cocoa puffs in peanutbutter, straighten each others hairs for an hour in complete silence, run outside and away before anyone else can see us.
2:00- this horrible thing called soccer. 5:00- come home, in silence. Make kraft macaroni and weenies. 6:30- quiet time. Actually, all day is quiet time. 8:30- scripture study. Family song. Bed time. And rules are no boys, no friends, no talking, no walking around naked, no pooping.

I don't know...
I talked to some people today!
guy: "so you a freshmen?"
me: "yep. you?"
guy: "yeah."
me: "yeah i kind of feel bad for people who aren't freshman that live here."
guy: "i'm 21."

And walking out of the HC ice cream in hand...
guy: "do you play soccer for here?"
me: "yeah."
guy: "who's 16?"
me: "katie taylor"
guy: "she's soo hot"


I'm havin a rough time. I can't think of any funny tweets, I got tricked into taking the 7:00 am meeting with Ben, and my only friends are the card swipers at the cafeteria. None of which seem to know english except for "thank you have a gooday"
And all I can ever think of are these guys.

Went back home today...I MISS SPRINGVILLE!
I miss my house, the couch under the carport, the vine wall, grapes, the fan in the family room that doesn't do anything, mom in the garden, dad by the stereo, Matt on the toilet
The front window, our street, the guy that rides weird bikes, the Taylor's hedge, the Taylor's dog that waits for walkers behind the hedge, the train that no one notices anymore, Autumn, Kaisa, Natalie's laugh, Natalie's swishy pants, lunchtime, perfect evenings
Troy's basement, our basement, my room, Damascus, reading even though I haven't finished a book since I was 12, Sundays, the neighbor's tree, mowing the neighbor's lawn, looking at mom's yard, mowing our lawn, pooping in my own house, sleeping on the hammock
Today gave a rainy sunset. It was way cool.