Maybe graphic novels shouldn't count, but come on, Hellboy.

Really cool graphics, satanic heroes and villains, Rasputin.

A bita Italy

The birthplace of the Renaissance was everything everyone says about it, and even better in real life. I spent all of my time shopping so spending money was a success, but I missed out on the Pantheon and going to the top of the tower of Pisa. I did find some lacy pants though, so it balances out. Next time I will take the time to gawk at all of those ancient miracles. The trip was worth all of the stupid fundraising we did and all of it that we still have to do JILL!

My favorite things of course were the mosaics

And the lovely people

The human form is so studied and perfected that I'm embarrassed to exist. NONE of these guys had bunions

And we played Italians, who were drinking and smoking the whole way through.


8, 9, 10!

I finally read books again!