today was a horrible day! 7:50: I woke up and ate, then unlocked my bike from it's tree and started riding when i saw that the back tire was flat (the no-flat custom schwinn tires) and i had left my pump the fam brought me in my room. i needed to get to the burbage building and print papers for my writing class at 8:35 so i tried to be as light as air for the five minute cruise down the hill, where i'd leave my bike and use my legs. i got to the burb (that name disturbs me) where the printers were out of order and no one was awake yet. 8:20: my bike couldn't handle another trip without the rims tearing up the tires so i started sprinting THANK GOODNESS I WASN'T IN TOMS up that awful hill that seems like bliss coming down. i made it back at 8:27 (Jill: "didn't you just leave?" me: "braghuhugh" and then i pooped) grabbed the pump cause i tend to forget things that i remind myself to do moments before, and printed of about 20 pages of crap, useless crap, then sprinted back down watching the shuttles and cars drive on by (damn privileged students) to my bike where i couldn't get the twisty cap off. at this point it was 8:45 and my spirits were low. i got to class 20 minutes late and very sweaty, where the nice teacher with a crazy moustache welcomed me with open arms. we worked with charcoal in studio. i hate charcoal. i ate at the union where i found out i was out of meals so i had to dish out 7 bucks and regretted the huge cup of powerade with too much ice in it. it was club day at the union or something so it was packed. my tire was flat again and the people just wouldn't move. AND THEN we had practice which i hate especially when my legs are already tired. then when i went to go eat dinner i was once again denied and humiliated. uhuh huh
in the first class of art 2400 i saw more pictures of wieners then i've ever seen in my life.

too bad i have to drop it.
I'm in college! Everyone's getting along, the writing teacher has handlebars and the 2d lady sounds russian. Every encounter with any guy is questioned by Jill; "is he cute?" she's quite the romantic. Our buildings aren't empty anymore and we have two Patricks on our floor ("do you think they're cute?"). The RA comes around every once in a while to make us sign things ("oh he's cute") and I usually answer the door like this

He doesn't knock often.
Brandi Carlile came to Red Butte and sang to me through my window as I put down my very first chipotle. It was a perfect night!

Today is Sunday and it is our day off. My roommates, the ones with cars, all left for home. I woke up in an empty apartment with a whole day ahead of me. I got up, got dressed, anxiously flushed that scary toilet and walked down to the institute building where church had already started, so I read my anti-war book and walked back. The money everyone was given for food sits helplessly in my wallet since I don't have any transportation...
....luckily our room is well equipped. Facebook lost it's appeal. I now have a new interest in textiles and wall
paper (see new blog design!) and Adele. Thank goodness
for netflix! A few episodes of arrested development later I'm nearly at lunch time. I tried my own pattern designs...............................................

Here's my boy Ryan from the OC. We do look alike i suppose. One of the girls came back but she brought her boyfriend. THANKS FOR THE COMPANY. They left pretty quick.

Then I saw some one from my window. He left pretty quick.

Normally this might seem like a waste of day, but I'm really tired. So blah.

We moved into the dorms...

We could probably not have to leave our dorms for a month.
first order of business is that we're doing scripture study every night all together. This is what I get for never going to efy.
My swollen eye from saturday..... went down.......

but then was replaced by another swollen eye because apparently i have bugs in my bed. I didn't get a picture of that (silly of me) but here is my ear which also got attacked (the lobes a little swollen)
today in between morning (which was horrible by the way. Where was that cocky little bitch who made every run last week?) and evening sessions, i went to the toilet, only to find that after flushing, though my product went down nicely, the toilet continued to spew water from under the lid. Two minutes later...

college life I guess

after a week of being with the team, the consensus is that i look like this guy.

fitness test tomorrow.