Finished it!

My teacher told me that a woodless/ebony pencil would more suit my style, so good news I have a style!

This is a bit of my japanese fold drawing that will progress through the semester.


Today I fed myself for all three meals with food that I bought and made. Then I remembered that I'm not paying for school and Mom and Dad are paying rent, and that my little bank account would be used up in a month if I was really on my own. I NEED A JOB.

I was late to church because I have too many sweaters for my own good. I chose the blue one. Lifting is definitely taking it's toll on my femininity, but I try not to think about that. Chaidee saved me a seat, then we went to mission prep because she's the only person I know there, and she wants to go on a mission. We role played, and I was the third wheel of a threesome teaching one of the advisor people. They were doing great, but then the stupid lady demanded that I talked more and made me lead the same discussion again. I hope she apostised.

Sundays are very long when no one is home, but I did have apples and chunky peanut butter.


I like the colors on these people. Especially that scarf!

Gifts from the Griddle

All by my lonesome

soccer things

Real came into to the fieldhouse as we were finishing up our training. We were breathing pro soccer air! And probably some pro soccer farts also.

I'm always amazed by the length of volleyball players. I go up to this girl standing over there's hip. Actually, the size of most of the athletes here is crazy. How do they move?! And I gotta say that I'm in pretty good shape, and it feels pretty good. It's weird what a couple more vegetables and chocolate milk every day can do for you, like make you poo twice before and after practice, and three more times through the day.

And that's my brag for the week, apologies apologies.

around the art place

It's installation week! Here are a couple pieces.

I like this one.


another one

Bodies are crazy amazing things that can adapt, take pain, and put down the new gross smoothies in the fieldhouse weight room. Everyone in our dorm with a car on the other hand (not me), have ignored my hints at us needing to go grocery shopping because my griddle is dormant and the 0% milk smells like fermented fart. Fine I'll take the tracks!

In 3-d my neighbor has a face and manner that makes you think you hate her, but she's eventually bearable, especially when her friend who's sculpting a butt topped with a cupcake ("good idea" she says "I actually have a cupcake tattooed on my ass") argues with her. "What an unfortunate shape and unfortunate color" she said. The clay often looks like logs of poo.

There was an Asian girl walking in front of me wearing shape-ups and slipping on the ice. It was a little funny. The shuttle driver today was very friendly, he said welcome to everyone who came on, and said "have a good day miss" when I got off. It's just the little things! There's another lady driver who wears a pound of turquoise jewelry on each wrist, and three dangly turquoise earrings from each ear who is also always happy, but not such a good driver. I actually can't look out the front window when I'm on a bus, I'm scared for my life. But it is funny when people are just getting on and the driver doesn't wait for everyone to sit, so he gasses it and they're thrown down the isle. Gets them every time!

When I got home the lights were out and no one was home, but the tv was still on and Kourtney and Kim Take New York was playing by good chance, and I had a dope next hour.


Me and my orchid friend exchanged Japanese fold sketchbook ideas, OUTSIDE of class cause it got cancelled so it counts as a social call. She has a nice crooked smile and makes really pretty art.

I followed some girls all the way back from math, all the way up the stairs, all the way to my door. They are actually my neighbors!

At dinner I went to the non-milk fridge and pulled out the almond milk, and the guy giving the windows a wipe down told me he hadn't had the real stuff in years! And that coconut milk is a very good and healthy alternative.

And then me and my new roommate watched Tosh.0 and Teen Mom.

A post about style

When art gets cancelled, it means 3 HOURS of DAY. I read and fake slept in the burb. Matt my advisor asked what I was reading, but more importantly, what I was learning. How profound! Then we sat in silence for 10 minutes before I finally felt uncomfortable enough to leave. I went to the bookstore and bought yet another sketchbook (something about those moleskins) in which I'll write observations, just like a true poet would.

I did see some good looks today.

I like color blocks. Or at least same-tone blocks, like this girl! Some times I think about figuring out a cool style but there's a whole lifetime for that. Natalie showed me this place which stays away from typical style blog egotism and shows some real people with a real sense of self, cause I think that's what clothes are....

Here's international studies lady, scarfed and wise ----------->
I do dig her color scheme.

And the trend up here:

<---Can I just say that I WAS DOING THIS IN 10TH GRADE but whatever Seattle and your notable tights/shorts combos.

I did see a girl with metallic rain boots which was new, and as gay as they are, I like scarves. Now just picture me trying to inconspicuously take pictures of people while wearing my soccer attire and possibly implying an attraction to girls? Oh the woes of being a female athlete.


The other day at an HC breakfast they tried to get me to put dried shrimp on my rice porridge, but it looked like worms do when they get baked on the sidewalk, so hurray for sweet potatoes!

The general grievous lady brought out her ipod and blasted Lady Gaga and synthesized show tunes as we all tried to draw aluminum foil. The whole studio was silent except for her very legible Paparazzi, and she just sits and chews her gum, 50 years old and such. There seems to be a lot of people going through their second or third art program up here (like the bisexual married girl whose conversation I listened in on today), or they're old and coming back to school to do what they've always wanted. I guess I've got a one up on them there.

I paid for a snack in gold dollars because I like to spice things up, but the lady wasn't too impressed. My 3-d teacher approved my legs and toilet composition proposition for my haniwa, and I think I'd actually like this to go on my grave.

Here's a cool guy/girl duo that have been successful with my major.


Matt just told Claire that she makes the stupidest faces for the stupidest reasons and that he loves her. And Claire says to the cat Matt is so dumb. And when he walks in she says Matt you are so dumb you are the dumbest dumb you are so dumb and I love you.

The 24 cards that I sold for our trip to Italy ended being no good. As in they don't even work. It was humiliating to have to ask for pity investments from people who wouldn't ever say no, but now my reputation is completely shot because I sold faulty merchandise. All for a good cause.

I read Blackest Night and had no idea what was going on. Mostly cause it's the last of a trilogy I think, but I still didn't like it very much, but all the lantern logos are really cool. Swamp Thing and V for Vendetta were successes though.

And just so everyone knows, I DIDN'T LIKE WATCHMEN

More Art!

There's a kid in my 3-d class who looks like Kermit the Frog, and he's sweet like him also.

I think negative space is really intriguing, to the point of being more interesting than the actual subject. Kim Schoenstadt does a lot with this kind of stuff. She does a lot with a lot of kinds of stuff actually, and she's pretty cool. Last year she brought an exhibit to Salt Lake which I saw, and her distinct style was almost inspiring (hate to say it)

Here's my bamboo. Also from Paul.

I'm really excited for this major, mostly because of the hefty feel of print paper that makes everything seem more official, but also because of clean lines and sharp colors that characterizes a print.

Yay for useless majors!


I can't sleep anymore because I'm scared that I won't wake up in time for soccer.

This morning I was trying to do my math diagnostic test, and finally just typed one of the questions into the google bar which, why haven't I ever done that before, because the whole corrected assignment popped up. Cheating? If it was on the web then it's everyone's (just like Community, 500 Days of Summer, and Dreamboat Annie). On the bus I sat down next to this guy who looked so familiar, and he was pretty friendly. He even waited to drop the major question until after maybe 20 words, which was impressive. When he got off I remembered that it was the guy who organized the ward volleyball tournament which no one went to except me Jill and Cass, and he set like a fem. His name is Sean.

My 2-d studio is right next to the bathrooms and the paper-thin walls amplify all the goings-ons in there. I saw the beauty of contrast, appeal of textures and also the absence's lack of, and value scales are really pretty. And then a toilet would flush.

I hate critiques. Even if the suggestion is good, it's not yours so you can't use it. And when everyone turns to your piece it's so nerve racking! The negative dominant single-table composition beat us all, I'm always jealous of the girl who goes against the grain. One girl from my fall class (also a Sarah) connected with my bonsai. She had drawn an orchid. She has a whole bay window full of orchids, and this one had bloomed for the second time. She's in her thirties or something and lived in Japan cause she was an army boob (I think that's what they're called), and I wish I could have a real cultural tie that could justify my poser henna attempts. And then there's the alien spec that could be a granola bit or a booger on my desk which was gross and disposed of. The girl in front of me put her cheese stick on her fleece jacket which was covered in hair. I hate fleece anything. I totally got Alison's Doctor Who reference, but it would be too embarrassing to admit that.

General Grievous lady chews gum like beef jerky. I think she might be insane so I'd better stop comparing her to things.

Our math desks are impossibly small and the poor teacher tries to explain things and our class is too thick to function. When asked for an example of a venn diagram International Studies lady in her burka said "in one circle put the people from Iraq, in the other people from Iran and where they intersect put the Kurds." Shut up.

Here's the latest piecer of Paul's bonsai:

Maybe needs some more detail.

And lastly not leastly, one of our fish died. The one that I was planning to name Minerva.
And vote on the new look followers!! (Dad and cat)


I'm on a role everyone....

Three reads down so that's like, almost my goal (50). Pretty good for a guy who directed War Horse. Except the illustrations are disturbing. I'm worried that the fish that I got for Cass are dead, but I was too shocked to ask the new roommate to feed them because I was not expecting hugs when I knocked to tell her I was taking off for the weekend. Hopefully me blushing and not being able to talk doesn't give her the wrong ideas, oh well!

I'm going to steal the new griddle and have quesadilla gatherings in the dorms. And then I'm going to meet our neighbors, and talk to the 3-d kid with a funny laugh. Cause really it's the cutest thing ever, and I'm going to title my posts cause that's a sad looking archive.

And I wrote it down and told three people, so now I have to do all these things.


Book two of the year! Although it might not count because I started it last summer but who's to tell ME that?
The verdict is that I'm a mental basketcase. We knew that. And I ruin book covers so never lend me anything. It's full of quotes by Yogi Berra (whoever that guy is) and tingly stories that I'm a total sucker for though I don't like to admit it (those and boxing/kung fu movies). The guy seems to like himself a lot, and is bitter because Buddy Ryan fired him once.

But athletics are indeed a mental affair and believe it or not even the pros aren't immune to slumps. Thanks mom!
Math has happened twice now. It's in one of the original buildings on President's Circle at the bottom of campus, that's where all the authorities and important majors live. My math's prerequisite is the dumb math, and it's full of people. There's a lady who wears a burka because she's in international studies, and it mostly bothers me because she's white (I sure hope she's not Muslim because then I'd feel bad). Right next to her is "maybe if I yell louder you'll understand my question" and two rows over is the kid who said this once: "that's not correct. I don't have it worked out yet but it's not correct" and it was correct, and I lost all respect for him, but mostly because of the way he blew dried his hair. Beautiful hair to my right nods at everything. She's very understanding and says things like "what he's TRYING to say is" and then clarifies for everyone. I love her.

And THEN there's a girl with a pretty nice body who looks like Squidward when anyone asks a dumb question. She could just have chest hair or something and it makes her grumpy.

Maybe I'm just jealous because these people know who they are and talk and stuff. I'm such a bitch for how little personality I have.
Today I sat down next to my friend of one day (I forgot her name) and in the seat before us was an Asian, while on the seat's back was a whole extension of blonde hair. Very distressed, we told him about the weave, and he turned, picked it up and waived it around and said "well this is not mine!" and put it back where it was, it's empty stringy face taunting me and causing me a lot of discomfort for the next hour.

Also does ANYONE have pictures of Beyonce's baby.
For those ladies who love to rock:
Practice this morning was great because at last I could compete with girls who hadn't touched a ball in three months. LJ said she didn't feel well then proceeded to barf all the way to the sideline. Luckily it was pretty diluted so we could keep playing on top of it. Art 2-d seems promising, mostly because there's a lady who walks like General Grievous in there, and the professor is a nice English lady who has a laugh like Beavis and Butthead. My math teacher said "hello my name is Radhika. Radhika. Radhika Gupta. You can call me Radhika." and that was all I could understand for the rest of the time.

And now to make 100 paper swans!

In art history we learn how to compare things.
It's easy to tell when something's taken a lot of time to do. That's the lesson I've learned from my
useless major and I'm still sloppy. I rush too much and that's why I've fnished one book in the past two years and haven't worn real pants in three (just kidding that's because of my calves). One time I watched the whole season of Walking Dead in two days.

I have this habit of writing things down on post-it notes so I can think about them later. DON'T DO THAT. Those papers get lost easily, and ideas shouldn't wait.

All my rushing around has done nothing but cause me to miss everything, and also has given me a horrible memory (I forgot mouthwash and took Spencer's pants?). My best memories have come from hiding in the bathroom stall before soccer practice and girls coming in and shamelessly blowing out the plumbing. I should spend all my time in that place. That toilet offered me so much, because I never thought of time or other things, mostly because I was too busy trying not to have a nervous breakdown. For Christmas I painted a bunch of these temples like a typical mormon artsy fartsy, and my aunt asked for a few. I did hers in maybe 10 minutes each and they looked awful but I sent them home anyway. Then I remembered my reputation, and took a little more time to try and make it look like a neater five-year-old effort.

Sorry I ever thought of giving you those pictures aunty.


I've now read one more book than I did last year. It's called The Summer Book by Tove Jansson, who I just found out is 10 years dead, which is too bad because I never got to hear her speak Finnish.
At first I thought she (especially her moomin series) would be as gay as the movie Ms. Potter because I enjoy things like The Fighter, or Immortals. Not really that movie is awful.  The Summer Book is a perfect relationship in a perfect place. It has no story except for the summer and the ocean. The dad is a hero.

Hopefully I'll read more and not become brain dead, and also show some of my magnificent drawings.

Also trying to get hooked on Blondie and make fashion statements with my tights.
I just want to give a shout out to Natalie, cause she can burp so well.