Oscar Party



There are lots of Gift from the Griddles to catch up with:

...but now I have a food group so going to the hc isn't painful! And it's not even roommates, it's real friends that I escort home cause they're too drunk to walk :')

And art continues

February was a break for reading I suppose. I somehow pressed a button that turned everything italicized and I don't know how to switch it back.

New Mexico!

I crossed a few borders this weekend, as in New Mexico! We took a trip down to visit Autumn in her Las Vegas home. The drive was 10 hours of Autumn and Ryan's love cd on repeat and no one had heads by the time we finally got there.

In the morning we made blueberry pancakes (which are better than pancakes) in the common kitchen where there's a fridge full of tortillas and roaches climbing on the walls. Neighbors would stop by to see what the girls were cooking again, because everyone knew Marci and Autumn, and that they liked to cook. I just barely met one of our neighbors in the dorm to the right of us and it's been a semester and a half. We took a tour around campus and half the town (campus), and ate at McDonald's which made Chaidee fart profusely. A guy drove by and made his car whistle at us, which was entertaining. Since it's such a small place (maybe a little like Spanish Fork?), we had to drive an hour to the theater in Santa Fe to see The Vow, and we made it luckily. But Santa Fe! I'll never go there with soccer. Autumn likes to drive in the middle of the freeway.

Despite constantly farting and extreme vulgarity, our little group is actually very churchy and we said a lot of prayers and read scriptures before bed and such. I usually pretended I was sleeping, but I didn't mind it. We went to a baptism Saturday night, Autumn and Marci sang, then we ate some delicious cinnamon rolls. We ran around town for a bit, went to Walmart (the happenin place) ate some enchiladas, farted, went to bed. Another soccer girl came with us, and I think she appreciated it all. Everyone I was with wants to be missionaries, so we went to church at nine. The 15 people who were at the baptism were there, plus the 15 more that make up the branch. Utah County??? Autumn and Marci sang again ("our angels" says the bishop), the real missionaries taught gospel doctrine, and after we ate roast, lasagna, green beans, soup, curried chicken and all the usual post church goodies.

We made german pancakes and put down two pans in a couple minutes. People kept dropping in to say hello. They're all so friendly! Then we played cards at a volleyballer's house for a couple hours. She yelled at Ryan when he called one of her dogs dumby. I didn't call either parent to wish them a happy anniversary, but we all sang happy birthday to Tracee, so that counts.

Monday morning we ate egg salad for breakfast, which still isn't sitting well. Autumn and Marci left for class, and we left for home. We stole a couple of cds to break the monotony, but slept most of the time anyway. Moab is really pretty! Hurray for adventures!


This is Autumn's favorite ever, so she gave it to me to read. She probably wouldn't notice if I never gave it back. Call me crazy but I did not read it in high school, it was ight. "I had a crush on him in high school" said a girl in one of my classes. She's crazy.


The push press has owned me once again, except this time I bit through my lip when the bar hit my chin as I was making the grandma face that I make when I lift.

I slept through my laundry and some one took my stuff out of the dryer. I lost an underarmour sock (have one pair for the week now), a puma sock (those are my favorite ones), one of my GAP undies (who does that?), and I just discovered my very favorite pair of grey tights that are translucent enough to go as pants in emergencies. Those were good tights.

Gifts from the Griddle

Yes my gifts from the griddle are just variations of the same thing, and the cheese looks like macaroni diarrhea, but it gives me something to live for!

I have been racing migraines all week, as in I feel one coming on and start shoveling the salty foods and drinking cough syrup to put me to sleep. Luckily it's superbowl week at the hc and there's an array of 7 layer dips and chicken wings, fries, pizza, and sweet potatoes. And the Asians eat it all. One of my 3-d mates is actually a teacher in mission prep, and he made the mistake of thinking that I was going on a mission! That was a scare. He went to South Africa during the World Cup and speaks some of one of the click languages. Cody our athletic trainer keeps adding weight to the exercises. He probably thinks me getting big is funny...

I've lost my Burt's bees and my lips have fallen off.


Last night I went to my first college party, and it turns out that it's a lot easier to talk to drunk people than sober people. They let you say whatever you want! And this morning I tagged along a house hunting adventure and even though we didn't find anything, the view was great. Salt Lake is very pretty. One of the houses was empty but had a side door that was open, and I thought about walking into houses with mom during jogs in the early mornings, then remembered that that's illegal. But we got a good peek through the blinds. And then Natalie called. What everrrr

Our goalie who likes hockey went to mass, and then we walked over to the hc where there was meatballs and rice, and talked about the superbowl because she's concussed and didn't remember that I don't follow eh futbol. And some other things like the dream houses of the Avenues, team drama, and the meaning of life.

Three pretty major interactions within two days.... I have more friends than Caitlin!


Right on track. "Housekeeping" is a book about sad people described in sad words, but no one ever feels really sad about anything.

"When she had been married a little while, she concluded that love was half a longing of a kind that possession did nothing to mitigate."

Couldn't find a decent sized cover.

Gifts from the Griddle

This morning we were doing push press and I caught my face on the bar on the way up and gave myself a bloody nose. And then we were yelled at because only half the people made the run today, and we don't work hard enough and blah blah blah.

It is frustrating. They want us to get better, and we aren't taking this seriously. Stanford will beat us EVERY TIME.

But I went to the store and had a magnificent second breakfast. I'm never hungry or full, I can just put down a steady constant stream of food.